stiff «stihf», adjective, adverb, noun, verb.
1. not easily bent; fixed; rigid: »

a stiff brush. He wore a stiff collar.

2. hard to move: »

a stiff gear. The old hinges on the barn door are stiff.

3. not able to move easily: »

a stiff neck. The old man's joints were stiff and sore.

4. drawn tight; tense; taut: »

a stiff cord, to keep a stiff rein.

5. not fluid; firm: »

a stiff cake batter. That jelly is stiff enough to stand alone.

6. dense; compact: »

stiff soil.

7. Figurative. not easy or natural in manner; formal: »

He made a stiff bow to his partner. He writes in a stiff style.

SYNONYM(S): stilted, affected, constrained, ceremonious.
8. lacking grace of line, form, or arrangement: »

stiff geometrical designs.

9. Figurative. resolute; steadfast; unyielding: »

a stiff resistance. He…was as stiff about urging his point as ever you could be (Charlotte Brontë).

10. strong and steady in motion: »

a stiff breeze.

11. harsh or severe: »

a stiff penalty.

12. Informal, Figurative. a) a more than seems suitable: »

He asks a stiff price for his house.

SYNONYM(S): immoderate, excessive. b) firm, as prices, a commodity, or a market.
13. a) Informal. very strong; potent: »

Bobby poured everybody a stiff drink of bourbon (James Dickey).

b) U.S. Slang. drunk: »

Both laughed some more, which proves beyond doubt that both…were stiff (Atlantic).

14. Figurative. hard to deal with; hard; laborious: »

a stiff fight, stiff opposition. The teacher gave us a stiff test.

SYNONYM(S): rigorous.
15. (of a ship) carrying a press of canvas in the wind without heeling or veering excessively.
16. Scottish. strongly built; stalwart; sturdy.
1. in a stiff manner or condition; rigidly: »

to be frozen stiff.

2. Informal. very much; extremely; completely: »

to be bored stiff. I'm scared stiff of that dog.

3. hard by; close: »

He…lays long iron shots stiff to the pin (Tuscaloosa News).

–n. Slang.
1. a dead body; corpse: »

They piled the stiffs outside the door (John Hay).

2. Figurative. a stiff, formal, or priggish person: »

These old stiffs of teachers just give you a lot of junk about literature and economics (Sinclair Lewis).

3. any worker; fellow; person: »

... a directory that appears to contain the name and assignment of every working news stiff in the capital (New York Times).

4. a person who fails to tip for service.
5. a hopeless or incorrigible fellow.
6. U.S. a hobo; tramp: »

stiffs riding the rods of Western freight cars (Time).

7. an unskilled dockworker.
8. a drunken person.
Slang. to leave without tipping or paying: »

to stiff a waiter or bellhop. He stiffed the landlady for the month's rent he owed her.

[Old English stīf]
stiff´ly, adverb.
stiff´ness, noun.
Synonym Study adjective. 1 Stiff, rigid mean not easily bent. Stiff implies a hard firmness that resists bending: »

a book with a stiff cover.

Rigid often implies so stiff that it will not bend without breaking: »

rigid icicles. The gate has a rigid iron frame.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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